collageThank you for sharing your wisdom. I have had so much fun. Look forward to trying more of your classes, hearing more intriguing herbal stories and revelling I the bounty of the earth. Thank you again, herbally yours, ~Sarah

Loved, loved your class. Can’t wait for the next one. ~Mary

Incredible class! Health and history and spirit were intermixed in a delightful way. Very interesting and fun. Useful information that anyone can use. ~Joe

I loved this class. Kathi is a wonderful teacher. She is interesting, fun knowledgeable and I learned a lot. I’m so inspired to get into it! ~Philip

Thank you for expanding my awareness of earth medicine. This has been an incredible journey getting closer to nature and connecting with so many herbal colleagues. Words cannot express how profoundly nourishing this experience has been for me. You are an incredible woman and teacher and I know I will continue to be inspired by you for the rest of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~Sara

You cast your light far and wide, bringing nature’s bounty into the awareness of many. … What gift can I give you? So I humbly offer you my honor and respect. ~Jeanie

It has been such a pleasure to take this course with you and everybody. Looking forward to many more. You’re a great teacher and mentor. Thanks for assisting me on my journey among the plant world. It’s become an ongoing blessing. ~Maggie

Your class was awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you! ~Mercy

What an amazing class. I had a wonderful experience and absolutely loved all the classes. ~Kevin

Thank you for another wonderful seminar. Your surround us with graciousness and beauty, not to mention research, knowledge, intuition, and loving compassion. I am always grateful. You weave so many threads of healing energies into a complex and yet understandable whole. I value being reminded of the fundamentals of healing – lifestyle, kitchen, garden, community, balance, etc. Thanks you for your grace of giving. ~Susan

Kathi, you have such good interaction, good voice, stay on track well, and even make class fun! I liked how you were able to involve all levels of experience with an excellent flow. There was such helpful logic to explain science. You Rock! ~Ester

Thank you for this weekend. You have opened up my eyes …and my nose… for aromatherapy. ~Tammy

Thank you for the great time and the knowledge about herbal medicine. Really enjoyed the bundle of information you shared and thoroughly appreciated your enthusiasm. Never know there were that many plants in the yard. The stories were awesome. Learning about conservation of plants was especially interesting. ~Mai, Luis & Ellen

I want you to know how much I enjoyed your series of three trainings for Aromatherapy. Every weekend session was great and it seemed that everyone in the class contributed to the overall learning and enjoyment. Keep me on your mailing list since your classes are always great! ~Kathy

This class is my Salvia. Thank you. ~Marie

Thanks so much for lighting the plant path for so many. I’ve loved all the classes so far and look forward to more. ~Xylem

Thank you so much for welcoming me into this wonderful herbal voyage, it has been very inspiring and one that I will always treasure. Mil Graciss! ~Iris

So many blessings to you for your kindness in sharing your knowledge, wisdom and love for what you do and embody. It was so inspirational. Thank you! ~Jordyn

For the Lady of Flower Power … thank you for all your magical-mystical-mystical scents stirring our senses. ~Jacquie

It was such a pleasure to meet you and learn from you. I appreciate your knowledge, kindness and relaxed way of teaching. ~ Anasuya

I enjoyed your class so very much!! ~Jared

We’ve heard a rumor
Roseanne is healing form her tumor.
Thanks to the herbs she takes at night
She’s been able to sleep without fright.
Astragalus and juniper berries in every stew
Thanks to the herbal classes we took with you.
Your smile is full of de-light.
Thanks you for being so out-of-sight.
We love you and your caring ways
In laughter, yoga, food, herbs all through the days.
~ Jim & Roseanne