Aromatherapy Seminars


September, followed by advanced seminars in October and November



September (Saturday and Sunday)


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SATURDAY: Techniques for home, clinic & various forms of bodywork. History, lore, scientific research. How to judge quality. Learn blending techniques and prepare your own body oil & spray formulas. Smell physiology & essential oil chemistry. Effects of 45 oils on mind & body skin, digestive & circulation disorders & infections. (Charts included). Treating depression, anxiety, fatigue, and the nervous system. How to choose an oil over another and formulate blends that work synergistically. Design and make your own aromatic sprays in class after choosing from a selection of dozens of essential oils

SUNDAY: How aromatherapy acts on the body: anti-inflammatories vs. liniments, skincare for both beauty and disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, and skin cancer. Applications of aromatherapy to massage and other forms of therapy. Distill essential oils and hydrosols from our gardens in class with explanation and samples. How to create individual, custom blends. Design and make your own body/massage oil in class from a selection of dozens of essential oils.

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Aromatherapy II – October 
Aromatherapy III – November
10am-5pm Saturday & 9:30-4:30 Sunday

$210/weekend ($15 discount for registration received 2 weeks in advance)or $110 Saturday

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Combine aromatherapy with herbalism to treat acute and chronic disorders & choose appropriate oils. Custom-made blends, chemotypes, chemistry & healing properties of common and uncommon essential oils. (Charts included.) Look at the scientific support backing medical applications of aromatherapy. Each weekend introduces the history, application, healing properties & blending guidelines of 30 more interesting essential oils. Learn about unique oils and the advantages of using these more obscure oils to replace others. Section devoted to perfume making from natural ingredients. Advanced formulating techniques, and making specific formulas for various medicinal applications. Aromatherapy cosmetics, skin care, and skin disorders and skincare physiology. Learn how essential oils can be used to reverse aging and “new” cosmetic ingredients. Appropriate oils for facial massage face lift. We will also cover the properties of creams and other carriers. We will discuss and make custom-designed bath/body salts for therapeutic uses and do aromatherapy facials. Several new essential oils and hydrosols will be introduced and sampled.

Requires completion of Seminar I or an equivalent course. Taking all three seminar weekends meets Level I Aromatherapy Training standards set by National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. Certificate granted upon completion.

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