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The American Herb Association was founded by herbalists Kathi Keville and Bob Brucia in 1981 as an information network for herbalists and anyone interested in medicinal herbs. Since then, a long list of herbalists have contributed. Our goal is to increase the understanding about the effective and safe use of plant medicines. The AHA serves as a perfect way to stay in touch with the world of herbs. It dispenses current information, news events, courses, and legalities about herbs through the AHA Quarterly Newsletter.

Membership is open to anyone interested in herbalism and includes a 16-page quarterly newsletter written by well-known, professional herbalists.


Members receive the 16-page American Herb Association Quarterly with:


Reports on the latest scientific studies

Newly released herb, aromatherapy, cooking, and gardening books

International and U.S. herb news

Current legal and environmental issues worldwide

National and international herb-related events

Herbal and aromatherapy conferences

Herbs in movies and novels!

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Membership costs:

Regular Member $24.00 per year

Supporting Member $35.00 per year  You will be acknowledged in AHA Quarterly newsletter on 2nd page 

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Foreign Member $30.00 (U.S.)

Canadian/Mexican Member $27.00 (U.S.)

Foreign Sample Copy of Newsletter $8.00 (See the back-issues page)

Foreign payment must be in U.S. funds and bank.


Membership options
Membership options
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