About Oak Valley Herb Farm

Oak Valley Herb Farm is a mail-order company offers herbal and aromatherapy products created by herbalist and aromatherapist Kathi Keville.

Most herbs that go into our products are harvested from our own medicinal gardens or from the wild. We follow sustainable, organic growing principles in our gardens and use no chemicals to produce beautiful, healthy herbs. Herb and aromatherapy products are carefully prepared in our apothecary in small batches to assure freshness and quality that is beyond compare.

Kathi puts a lot of care and research into designing effective herbal and aromatherapy formulas. She has been doing product development for Oak Valley Herb Farm and other companies for over 40 years.

Our high quality essential oils come from all over the world. These oils contain no extenders, pesticides, or herbicides—just pure essential oil. Our hydrosols are also ingredients in our herbal products. Hydrosols come from herbs harvested from our gardens and distilled right at our farm. (Since hydrosol production happens in mid-summer, our supplies may run low by early summer.)

Our products are available on-line and from our apothecary, which is only open to students during our classes.

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