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A year-round, herbal program with Kathi Keville divided into sections. Take your favorite classes.  Visit my Facebook & Instagran pages for pictures. Also see Green Medicine Herb School & American Herb Association pages. Scroll down this page to find:

Herbal Medicine by Body SystemsHerbal ApprenticeshipWild Herb WalksGarden ToursAromatherapy

Herbal Medicine by Body Systems 

9-course lunch with all food & herbs based on system/organ of the day!!
Complete holistic healing protocol for each system. Intermediate course

MARCH-APRIL   HERBAL MEDICINE by body systems classes           click for description!

9:30am-4pm. PayPal buttons below or ck/mo to Kathi Keville, 2482 Nevada City, CA 9595. You will receive email verification to inquire which classes you want.


JAN.  LIVER      




FEB    NERVOUS SYSTEM: plus Adrenals & Brain   


MAR   GLANDULAR: Pancreas & Thyroid & Pituitary  

MAR   WOMEN’S HEALTH: plus Bone Health  

FEB   Mar  make-up dates for snow cancellation. 

$80  Herbal Medicine class [+$3 PayPal fee]
$225 for any 3 consecutive classes [+$8 PayPal fee]

3 Consecutive Classes
3 Consecutive Classes
Price: $233.00
Single Body Systems Class
Single Body Systems Class
Price: $83.00

Herbal Apprenticeship ~  2023   

APRIL-AUGUST. 5 weekends, 9:30am-5pm. April, May, June, July (Hi Sierra campout), August. Course for those who already use herbs medicinally and want to deepen their knowledge. Held outdoors. 

HERBAL APPRENTICESHIP             click for description!

APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY (Sierra Campout), AUGUST 

APRIL 22-23: Creating an herbarium, pressing specimens as a learning guide. Advanced herbal salves, ointments, and balms by adding other remedies such as tinctures, flower essences, essential oils. Ayurvedic salve making vs Western techniques.  Creating custom formulas for skincare, injuries, and conditions like eczema. Medicine Making at the River Field Trip with wild plant ID, collection, eco concerns & ethics. Demos, black cancer and aromatherapy salves. Make Sting/Bite Clay Remedy. Principles of Plant Energetics. Herbal Botany, Wild Edible Herb books and references. Sources, newsletter resources. Create your own Herbal book. iD and techniques for wild edibles + recipes.

MAY 13-14: Edible food potluck. Tincture making including advanced techniques that include percolation and spagyrics, and their history/development along with pros and cons of each. Collect and ID herbs to make Tinctures, Glycerites, and Medicated Wine. Discuss alcohol conversion techniques, herbal pharmacopeias, dispensatory, Electics, and other forms of medicine. Patent remedies history. Introduce plant spirit work. Percolates, Glycerites, Spagyrics, Vinegars. Create Flower Essences. Plant Spirit work. Medical Botany. make Native shampoo. Hydrotherapy. Discuss flower essence history and Dr. Bach’s work. Applications for herbal ecology. Medical botany with detailed handout.

JUNE 3-4:  Essential oils and distillation from garden plants. Tour of 500-species herb garden. More Plant Spirit work. Wildcraft St. John’s wort patch and process. Cover infused oil techniques. Suntan and sunburn preparations. Helichrysum and other infused oils from garden and discuss. Press and prepare tinctures. Cordials and elixirs. Discuss and try samples. Cover medicinal constituents in plants with detailed handout. Cover sitz baths, foot, hand baths, poultices and compresses using herbs and essential oils. Intuitive art project. Collect St. John’s wort, prepare products, discuss traditional Herb Day.

JULY 14-15-16:  Herbal Campout in the High Sierra. 3 days of plant ID for 40+ new herbs, ethnobotany, medicine making and fun, of course. 4 plant walks/hikes to sierra’s different mini-eco systems. Sweat Lodge using nature’s materials. Harvest Elderflower for pancakes with elderberry syrup. Wildcraft and prepare teas, poultices, etc from plants. Saturday sweat lodge led by guest herbal instructors Tony and Sara, followed by potluck. Easy car or tent camping on a Sierra lake. We’ll bring canoes, kayaks, etc. for your use. A brief, fireside history of herbalism.

AUG 12-13 or 19-20 (TBA): Elixir-making!  Syrups, Oxymels, Herbal Energy Bars, Cough Drops, Lozengers, Gargles. Hands-on Medicine-Making. Enhance Herbal Bee Products with propolis, honey, wax, bee pollen, royal jelly. + sweetened herbal power balls  with medicinal herbs. Powerpoint presentation with bee scientist Randy Oliver, and a visit to his hives. Wildcraft and prepare horehound, elecampane, etc. for syrups. Make herb pills and lozenges. Herbal Barter Fair!!

3~MONTH OPTION: April~June. $103 deposit +$500 +$50 feees/materials +5 hrs workstudy.

5~MONTH OPTION: $103 deposit+$830 +$50 materials fee +8 hours herb garden/lab work. $855 after March 31. Monthly payment plan available that includes added monthly fee.  

$103 deposit for Herbal Apprenticeship for either 5 or 3 month option. Nonrefundable deposit via mail or PayPal below.nonrefundable deposit for all options via mail or PayPal below. Mail balance payment via PayPal, mail or arrange drop-off with Kathi. To pay for 1-month option, use $103 deposit 2x.

Apprenticeship Deposit
Apprenticeship Deposit
Price: $103.00

Wild Herb Walks   ~   Spring 2023        

MAY – Bear River, 10am-1pm  [Use ‘Independence Trail’ PayPal button]

MAY – Rock Creek, 10am-1pm

WILD HERB WALKS        click for description!
Pre-registration $23 per walk with PayPal button below. Or ck/mo to PO Box 2482, Nevada City, CA 95959. Directions emailed to address provided by PayPal. Teens half price. Kids free but register. Each walk features 35+ medicinal & edible plants! Slow moving on even surface, 1/2 mile trail.

ROCK CREEK 10am-1pm
ROCK CREEK 10am-1pm
Price: $23.00

Price: $23.00

Medicinal Herb Plant Sale ~ May           

Pre-order, driveway sale offers 180 different medicinal species—many hard-to-find. Access to self-guided tour of 500-species Green Medicine Herb School gardens.

Summer Garden Tours & Cultivation Classes   ~ dates TBA         

Herb gardens spectacular this year! We move slowly mostly in shade with plenty of places to sit. Herb Nursery with 200 medicinal species open. Herb shop open with essential oils, 1/2 priced used herb books, AHA Quarterly newsletters  & signed copies of Kathi’s books.

GARDEN TOURS      click for description!  

July  9-11:30 am. Confirmation sent via email.

$21 ck/mo to PO Box 2482, Nevada City, CA 95959.
Or PayPal button below:

Garden Tour
Garden Tour
Price: $21.00


Sun, July 31 Herb Cultivation Class combined with Garden Tour. 9am-12:30pm. Class combined with mini garden tour oriented to growing techniques. Fences Gardens, Foothill Gardening Tricks, Design Features, Herbal Pest Deterrents, Watering, Permaculture, Compost. Demos with Cuttings, Root Divisions, Seeds to take home. $35. Pre-pay $21 for Garden Tour above, then remaining $14 at class. (email confirmation will ask if you’re choosing Garden Tour or Tour + Cultivation)

GROUP GARDEN TOURS  Contact Kathi Keville to arrange 2-3 hour group tours of her herb gardens for 6-12 people.

Aromatherapy 2023

ANNUAL AROMATHERAPY SEMINAR     click for description!

$42 Aromatherapy I Seminar Deposit
$190 Aromatherapy I Seminar total fee [+$25 materials fee paid at class]

$ 10 late fee for payment after Sept 15 [paid at class]

Seminar is held all outdoors with plenty of room to space out. Wearing pandemic mask optional but totally accepted.

Aromatherapy Seminar 1, Deposit
Aromatherapy Seminar 1, Deposit
Price: $42.00

Aromatherapy Seminar 1
Aromatherapy Seminar 1
Price: $190.00


Advanced Aroma II: OCTOBER

$ 10 late fee for payment after Sept 13 [paid at class]

$200 Aromatherapy Seminar [+$25 materials paid at class]

Advanced Aroma III: NOVEMBER

$200 Aromatherapy Seminar [+$30 materials paid at class]

Price: $200.00
Seminar: :