2016 National Herb & Aromatherapy Event Calendar

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April thru Aug. MEDICINAL HERB APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM with herbalist Kathi Keville, AHA Director. Green Medicine Herb School at Oak Valley Herb Farm, Nevada City, CA. One weekend a month. Field trips, medical botany, plant ID, energetics, aromatherapy, medicine-making, flower essences, wild food potluck, Sierra campout. Message: 530-265-9552.


April & May: Wild Herb Walks on weekends with herbalist and AHA director Kathi Keville around Nevada City, CA. Easy 2-3 hour walks cover 40 wild, medicinal, edible, and useful plants of the Sierra. Message: 530-265-9552.


April & May. FESTIVAL of HERBS: Visiting Teacher Series. Meets the 1st weekend of the month for intermediate to advanced herb students and health care practitioners.  Learn from renowned herbalists: Rosemary Gladstar, Christopher Hobbs, Amanda McQuade Crawford, Kathleen Harrison, Kevin Spelman & Jessica Baker! Individual classes still available. Dandelion Herbal Center, Kneeland, CA. Register online www.dandelionherb.com or call 707-442-8157.


Spring thru Fall. 10-MONTH HERBAL STUDIES PROGRAM with Jane Bothwell. Meets one weekend per month. Expand your knowledge with herb and seaweed harvesting, formulations for common imbalances, material medica, and more ways to prepare your medicines. Dandelion Herbal Center, Kneeland, CA. Register online www.dandelionherb.com or call 707-442-8157.


April 7. 6-8pm. NATURAL ALLERGY RELIEF with Maria Noël Groves. Fend off allergies before the season begins… naturally! By tending to your potential allergies now, you can reduce or eliminate them this year. During this two-hour class, Maria Noël Groves will discuss natural allergy remedies such as nettles, horehound, goldenrod, quercetin, and the neti pot nasal wash. Additionally, she’ll speak about potentially problematic food sensitivities and signs of a weak immune system. Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine, 606 New Leicester Highway, Asheville, NC 28806. Cost: $20. *Bonus: Maria Noël Groves beautiful new book, Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self Care, will be available for sale during this class. Maria Noël Groves, RH (AHG), registered clinical herbalist, runs Wintergreen Botanicals, LLC, an herbal clinic and education center nestled in the pine forests of Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, NH.  She is certified by Michael Moore’s Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, a registered professional herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild, and has also completed Rosemary Gladstar’s advanced training program and Lichenwood Herbals’ flower essence practitioner training. www.blueridgeschool.org/natural-allergy-relief-with-maria-noel-groves.htm


April 8~10. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE on BOTANICAL MEDICINE in Tempe, Arizona. Environmental Links to Infertility; The Teenage Brain and Hormones; Arrhythmia, Atrial Fibrillation and PVC’s. CE credits. Early registration March 4. www.botanicalmedicine.org (541) 482-3016.


April 8~10. Wilderness Survival class with Peter Bigfoot, learn hands-on essential survival techniques! $238. See Reevis Mountain School website for more details www.reevismountain.org


April 15~17 or May 6~8. Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants classes with Peter Bigfoot, learn hands on in the Arizona desert. At Reevis Mountain School. $178 includes book and meals. see web site for more details www.reevismountain.org


April 21~24. Part One (Nov 10~13. Part Two). Plant Energetics & Chakra Healing Program: A Journey of Awareness. Experiential Program Part: 62 Massage CEU’s. We discover the profound healing energetics of plants and flowers as herbal medicine, flower essences, and homeopathy. Apply plant wisdom with the integration of the human energy and endocrine systems.  Identify, gather, collect, and journey with plants as your wisdom evolves with the energetics of plant guidance.  This program is offered in two separate four day segments, both required. The Center For Plant Studies & Healing Arts in Cottonwood, AZ offers various classes with Rhonda Pallas Downey in Arizona’s Sedona/Verde Valley’s natural surroundings and approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) for Massage CEUs. www.centerpsha.com 928-639-3614 info@centerpsha.com


April 22~24 & May 6~8. MEDICINAL HERB CULTIVATION WORKSHOPS. Join us for a hands-on weekend of medicinal herb cultivation in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina. Located in lush Barnardsville, NC, this exploratory course takes place in a quiet cove of rich meadowlands and lovingly cultivated gardens. A deeply experiential workshop, participants will explore techniques for propagation and germination for a wide variety of herbs. We’ll get our hands dirty with site preparation, soil specifics, root division, seed stratification and herb-specific growing techniques. We’ll also discuss medicinal and culinary uses of our favorite garden herbs. Visit www.chestnutherbs.com for details.


April 23~24. MEDICINAL CANNABIS CONFERENCE. Our 2nd Annual conference designed to educate consumers, growers, and our medical providers so they can make more educated and effective decisions concerning the medicinal applications of cannabis. Dandelion Herbal Center, Kneeland, CA. Register online www.dandelionherb.com or call 707-442-8157.


April 23~24. JEANNE ROSE AROMATHERAPY. Spa Seminar: Skin Care. 9am-4pm. This class will teach you how to take care of yourself through the use of herbs, water, clay, mud, salts and essential oils. Loads of natural products will be given to students plus the $25 book. SPA Seminar is  $525 and includes the SPA book. www.JeanneRose.net/calendar.html


April 29~30, (8:30am-5pm) & May 1 (10am-4pm): 27th Annual Asheville Spring Herb Festival, WNC Farmers Market, Asheville NC. Free admission & parking. www.ncagr.gov/markets/facilities/markets/asheville Contact 828-301-8968 or adreededitor@gmail.com for details.


April 30. Plant Walk with 7Song near Asheville, NC. 10am-5pm. Emphasis on Wildcrafting with a group of outdoor and plant enthusiasts. A gorgeous springtime wildcrafting adventure in the majestic Appalachian Mountains. 7Song will introduce us to the abundance of local plants, wildcrafting, and medicine making. We will also cover botanical identification, medicinal properties, as well as clinical uses of the herbs we find along the way.




May thru Oct. CLINICAL HERB SERIES with Dr. Christopher Hobbs and AHA Director, Kathi Keville. Advanced classes on Herbs, Nutrition, Aromatherapy & Lifestyle for Body Systems. Includes Chinese theory and chi gung. Diagnostic Techniques.


May 1. 10am-5pm. Herbs for Treating Infection, Pain and Inflammation Lecture. 7Song will cover a range of herbal medicine and treatment strategies for working with pain and inflammation. He will discuss different types of common herbal remedies to help with various kinds of discomfort such as skeletal muscle and general body pains, and touch on a range of preparations including tinctures, teas and compresses. The infection portion of the lecture will include internal viral and bacterial infections as well as external wounds and skin infections. Enjoy learning about medicinal uses of the plants you harvested and how to process those plants so you can make your own locally wildcrafted medicine. Adventures in the woods will never be the same. Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine invites you to join us for one or both classes with Early Bird: $59 (for this single class) $99 for both classes! Regular Price: $70 after March 31. $120 for both classes.


May 11~17. 7Song will be teaching Herbal First Aid and Botanical Identification at Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine in VA.www.greencomfortherbschool.com 540-937-4283 for info & registration.


May 20~22. Off-Grid Homestead Living at Reevis Mountain School. Learn our effective and tested off-grid systems in our 2-day class! $178. See website for more details, www.reevismountain.org


May 20~23: Session 1, May 27~30: Session 2, Sept2~5. Session 3

26th annual NORTHERN CALIFORNIA WOMEN’S HERBAL SYMPOSIUM. Three separate sessions, join 1, 2 or all 3. This year NCWHS will hold three separate sessions once again. Each session is four full days of herbal and sustainable living classes, rites-of-passage ceremonies, drumming and dancing, handcrafted marketplace items, camp-fires, swimming-holes, and connections with remarkable womyn. Each session is a separate event with different classes and different teachers. Over 50 beginning, intermediate and advanced classes offered at each session. Classes also offered for children, young women, and our Honored Crones. All levels and ages welcome. Black Oak Ranch in Mendocino County, CA, nestled between two creeks and under the ancient oaks. Work exchange and Elder discounts available.www.womensherbalsymposium.org ncwhs@monitor.net 707-824-1429


May 21, June 4, June 18. HERBAL MEDICINE FIELD SERIES Spring 2016 with Rachel Berry.  This spring field series offers a joyful exploration into how local plants can be used for health and wellness. The HAALo Herb Shoppe, Nevada City, CA. www.haalo.org or call (530) 265-8804.


May 21 & June TBA HERB GARDEN TOUR. Gardens contain 450 species of medicinal plants from around the world. Kathi shares their uses, folklore and her own stories about dozens of the most interesting plants. Green Medicine Herb School, Nevada City, CA. Message: 530-265-9552


May 21~22. JEANNE ROSE AROMATHERAPY. Enfleurage & Maceration. San Francisco, CA 9:30 to 4 pm. $550 or $525 if paid by check or cash. www.JeanneRose.net/calendar.html




June 3~6. MEDICINES from the EARTH HERB SYMPOSIUM, Black Mountain, North Carolina. Topics: Digestive System and Neurological Health; Botanicals for Alleviating Daily Toxicant Damage; Food Allergy, Endocrine Imbalance and Inappropriate Weight Gain; Medicine Making; Herb Walks. CE credits. Early bird April 14. www.botanicalmedicine.org 541-482-3016.


June 3~5. Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference featuring Winona LaDuke, Susun Weed, Isla Burgess and More! Pre-conference immersions and Certificate Programs Available, Almond, WI www.midwestwomensherbal.com


June 4~5. AROMATHERAPY SEMINAR with Kathi Keville, aromatherapist and herbalist, at beautiful Morningsun Herb Farm in Vacaville, CA. Physiology, Chemistry, Formulation and Blending. Design/Create product & distill oils. History of fragrance. Fragrance garden tour. Medicinal Uses, Skincare, and Clinical Applications. Vacaville, CA 95688 707-451-9406. www.morningsunherbfarm.com


June 4, July 16, Oct 15. JEANNE ROSE AROMATHERAPY. Aromatic Plants: The Art of Distillation.  each class $285.00. www.JeanneRose.net/calendar.html


June 5. AROMA-HERBALISM for WOMEN’S HEALTH with herbalist and aromatherapist Mindy Green.


June 13~18. Study Abroad. An Aromatic, Botanical and Wellness Immersion on Syros, Greece. Step off the beaten path and discover the essential oils and herbs of the Mediterranean and learn new tools to achieve vitality and wellness while experiencing all that the rich Greece culture has to offer. Stay at the picturesque Villa Abela just 100 yards from the beach. Enriching instruction from ACHS President and renowned Aromatherapist and Herbalist Dorene Petersen. Call 800-487-8839 or visit us online at www.achs.edu for more information. Space is limited. Book today!


June 16-19. Edible and medicinal plants of the Sierra with Kathi Keville and friends. Plant ID, foraging and wild food preparation, medicinal herbs and medicine-making. Traditional uses, science and history. San Francisco State Sierra Field Campus. www.sfsu.edu/~sierra or call 530-862-1230 (after May 15).


June thru October. CLINICAL HERBALISM with Herbalists Christopher Hobbs & Kathi Keville co-teaching this dynamic, advanced course. One weekend a month for 5 months: June 25-26, July 30-31, Aug 27-28, Sept 24-25, Oct 22-23. Green Medicine Herb School, Nevada City, CA 959595. www.ahaherb.com Message: 530-265-9552




July 21~25. FLOWER ESSENCE SOCIETY PROFESSIONAL COURSE, Terra Flora, Nevada City, California. The course includes: philosophical and historical basis for flower essence therapy, emotions and the mind-body relationship, flower essence selection and combining, therapeutic principles illustrated by cases, applications: children, elderly, animals, and more, flower essence plant profiles and botanical studies. For detailed information, please visit http://www.flowersociety.org.




August 11~15. EXPLORING COLOR THERAPY: The Rainbow Within Flowers & The Human Soul, a specialized seminar focusing on how to understand the working of color signature in flower essences, the dynamic relationship of colors in Nature and within the Human Soul, and much more. Presented by the Flower Essence Society, at Terra Flora in Nevada City, California. Details can be found here: www.flowersociety.org.


August 11~16. Rock Island 9th Annual Women’s Herbal Camping Trip. Learn to forage for food and medicine while enjoying this beautiful island in Lake Michigan. Rock Island, WI  http://moonwiseherbs.com/programs/rock-island-trip/


Aug 13. JEANNE ROSE AROMATHERAPY. Learn About Hydrosols: 11am- 4pm. You will be given the “Hydrosols” workbook, a $30 value as part of the class. Class is $275. www.JeanneRose.net/calendar.html


August -the last 10 days of August of 2015, 2016, and 2017. THE MEDICINAL and MYSTICAL PLANTS of the ANDES and AMAZON. An Ethnobotanical Journey in Peru with Dr Jillian Stansbury. Write Dr Stansbury at jstansbury@ncnm.edu for more information.




Sept thru Dec 2016. CLINICAL HERBALIST TRAINING PROGRAM. The curriculum covers herbal material medica, herbal therapeutics, case studies, endocrine system physiology and pathophysiology, constitutional medicine, medicine making, formulation, compounding, establishing an herbal practice and pharmacy, and creating personalized treatment plans. This program is phase two of a two-part program. Northwest School for Botanical Studies is located in the gorgeous, coastal redwood region of Northern California. For more information, visit the website: www.herbaleducation.net or contact Christa Sinadinos via email: herbaleducation@gmail.com


Sept 8~11. The 30th Breitenbush Herbal Conference 2016. Herbalism is for Everyone! Passionate Healing:  We invite you all to gather with us for another amazing weekend of insightful classes from some of the most respected Herbalists in our community. This is not just another herbal conference. It is a retreat for relaxation and personal growth. It is a chance to reconnect with old friends and to make new ones. It is a time to nourish our bodies with wholesome food and healing waters. It is time to gather in circle for the 30th time. With our 2016 conference, we invited teachers who hold a facet of the jewel that is herbal education. Each year some of the finest herbalists share their knowledge, and wisdom. The 2016 presenters:  Rosita Arvigo, Ryan Drum, Sajah Popham, Lara Pacheco, Paul Bergner, Lydia Bartholow, Heron Brae and more! Workshops, demonstrations, herb walks and merriment will appeal to all levels of students.  The healing waters and ancient forests of Breitenbush provide an incredible setting for this gathering. Professional Continuing Education Credits and Children’s Program are available. We look forward to sharing this amazing and unique experience with you. In addition to the main conference, consider joining us for one of the 3 pre-conference intensive workshops 9:30 to 3:30 on Friday.  Space is limited.  Thursday night lodging at Breitenbush and class fee required. Conference Program Begins Friday at 4:30; Ends Sunday at noon (Intensive lodging begins Thursday evening) Cost: $275 plus lodging (Call for info about early registration, scholarships and work exchanges). Pre-conference intensive $100 plus lodging. Late registration fees after 8/15/14. Information and Registration: www.breitenbushherbalconference.com or 503.288-3588 or info@ breitenbushherbalconference.com


Sept 15~18. Traditions In Western Herbalism: The Herbal Resurgence presenting 50 unique inspiring classes like nowhere else, atop New Mexico’s enchanted Sky-Island. Also Native Plant Walks, Kid’s Classes, Masquerade Ball, Dance Concert, Hot Tubs & Margaritas! “The most wondrous and transformative event I have ever attended, not just learning new herbal skills but finding here a purpose, tribe, and home.” Discounted early registration. Go to the Events Page at: www.PlantHealer.org


Sept 16~18. Come learn about these amazing plants we refer to as “herbs” at the MidAmerica Herbal Symposium at Whitewater State Park. www.midamericasymposium.com


Sept 17~18. AROMATHERAPY SEMINAR with Kathi Keville, aromatherapist and herbalist, at beautiful Oak Valley Herb Farm in Nevada City, CA. Physiology, Chemistry, Formulation and Blending. Design/Create product & distil oils. History of fragrance. Fragrance garden tour. Medicinal Uses, Skincare, and Clinical Applications. Message: 530-265-9552.


Sept 29~Oct 3. The American Herbalists Guild’s 27th Annual Symposium. CONNECTING to OUR ROOTS in beautiful Seven Springs, PA. Featuring keynote speaker Phyllis Hogan, the 27th Annual Symposium hosts some of the world’s leading herbal educators, delivering cutting edge presentations on a wide range of topics in herbal medicine. Explore Herbal Horizons with the Professionals. The Annual Symposium features over 40 lectures, as well as pre- and post-symposium intensives, with sessions ranging from beginner to advanced. Herbal practitioners, medical professionals, students, and novices can interact with renowned botanists on plant walks, join open discussion panels, and meet with some of the leading companies in natural health at the Expo Hall. Infectious Disease Track and Post-Symposium Intensive

This year, the Annual Symposium offers a special track of diverse classes addressing infectious disease and herbal therapies. Participants who attend four workshops in the infectious disease track as well the post-symposium intensive will earn a certificate of completion in Infectious Disease and Herbal Therapies Training. Continuing Education. The American Herbalists Guild continues to award continuing education credits for classes taken at each year’s Annual Symposium. All classes are eligible for NCCAOM CEUs.



Dec 4Integration of Heart and Mind. 9am-6pm. 8 Massage CEUs. The Center For Plant Studies & Healing Arts In Cottonwood, AZ, www.centerpsha.com 928-639-361 info@centerpsha.com


February thru June. PROFESSIONAL HERBALIST TRAINING PROGRAM. The curriculum covers herbal materia medica, herbal therapeutics, medicine making, physiology, constitutional medicine, botany, and field identification. This program is phase one of a two-part program. We are currently accepting applications. Northwest School for Botanical Studies is located in the gorgeous, coastal redwood region of Northern California. For more information, visit the website: www.herbaleducation.net or contact Christa Sinadinos via email: herbaleducation@gmail.com


VERMONT CENTER for INTEGRATIVE HERBALISM (VCIH) in Montpelier, VT.  www.vtherbcenter.org We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing healthcare resources grounded in Nature. Our work brings clinical herbalism to community practice through the weaving of science, spirit and grassroots activism. We provide one of the nation’s most extensive clinical training opportunities in herbal medicine, rooted in deep con- nection with the plants and place. Visit one of our sliding-scale community clinics staffed by professional herbalists and supervised clinical interns, learn more about self-care with herbs through our community classes, or pursue in-depth study in one of our comprehensive herbalist training programs. For details, contact 802-224 7100 or info@vtherbcenter.org



March, July & Oct. Accredited, Online CLINICAL HERBALISM and CLINICAL AROMATHERAPY courses begin: Introduction to Aromatherapy and Basics of Herbalism. Learn more about using herbs and essential oils for personal health and wellness, natural perfumes and therapeutic blends and gain a foundation for advanced training. Study fully online over 8 weeks and earn 3 credits. Course materials include certified organic oils and herbs. achs.edu


May & Sept. Accredited, Online CLINICAL HERBALISM, CLINICAL AROMATHERAPY, HOLISTIC NUTRITION and WELLNESS career training and degree programs. Learn more about using herbs and essential oils for personal health and wellness, how to make natural perfumes and aromatherapy blends and gain a foundation for advanced training. Opportunities to study clinical herbalism or aromatherapy including uses for health and wellness. Courses in holistic nutrition, homeopathy, dynamic phytotherapy, and other complementary therapies also available. Call 800-487-8839 or visit us online at www.achs.edu for more information.


Clinical aromatherapy and clinical herbalism professional continuing education. On-demand webinars available. Fully online, study over 4 weeks and earn 37 hours of continuing education credit. CE 511 Advanced Herbal Materia Medica, CE 512 Botanical Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry, CE 516 Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists, CE 520 Advanced Aromatic Materia Medica. Call 800-487-8839 or http://achs.edu/resource/webinars/index.html for more information.


NEW On-campus Community Education and CE Classes: Attend in person OR Stream Online! Class Topics to include: Organic Herb Gardening, Seasonal Wellness, Advanced Anatomy for LMTs and Email Marketing for Success. Check schedule for dates.

Visit www.achs.edu/academics/community-wellness/courses


Master Lecture Webinars. Open to Public. Learn from leading experts in herbal medicine, aromatherapy, holistic nutrition and other holistic health topics. American College of Healthcare Sciences. Subscribe to find out about upcoming free webinars and view past webinars online at www.achs.edu/master-lecture-webinars.


ONLINE HERBAL MEDICINE MAKING COURSE (open enrollment) This course will give you the know-how to create an abundant apothecary. It includes 12 videos, 38 lessons, plus over 100 herbal recipes, ranging from medicinal preparations, wild foods dishes, natural body care products and culinary herbal concoctions. With over twenty-five years under her belt making medicine and teaching about herbs, Juliet Blankespoor has come up with a course that is chockfull of tips for addressing common ailments at home with your very own tinctures, syrups, poultices and salves. Students receive a digital 260-page printable course manual. Registration is now open, and the course is self-paced. The course content is yours for life! Visit www.chestnutherbs.com for details.


ONLINE HERBAL IMMERSION PROGRAM (enrollment opens March 31) Just as locally grown food is key to long-term sustainability, locally grown herbs are equally as important. That’s why we focus on growing your own herbs, along with the many ways you can use medicinal and edible weeds. This program lays out a clear path for your herbal journey. It begins with building healthy soil and germinating seeds, extends into growing and harvesting each herb, and culminates with creating a treasure trove of herbal allies. Includes over 90 videos and 135 lessons, clearly organized into 16 modules. Visit www.chestnutherbs.com for details.